I developed a unique method in which I integrate knowledge from different fields with purpose to support you on all levels of your existance: physical, emotional, mental, systemical, spiritual.

You are welcome to choose among MASSAGE and other kinds of support such as COACHING, COUNSELING and PSYCHOTHERAPY.

Foot and body massage hotel Lev

Massage room is located next to fitness area in mezzanine floor

In order to support each person best I combine different methods and techniques. I work in an integrative way. You are mostly welcome to share your needs to help me choose the best service for you.

Please book in advance. Booking and price list


Our service is higly professional and has a personalised orientation. In order to help us provide the best possible massage experience for you please let us know about your needs and trust us to choose the best treatment for you.
We are open to make an individual offer especially for you, please feel free to ask.


Foot massage is a pleasant experience that brings deep relaxation. It effectively eliminates the stress effects and gives you back your natural life energy. It has a beneficial influence on the whole body.

Masaža stopal Taisa hotel Lev


Body massage relieves and relaxes your body and mind. It rids your body of tension.
You can choose among whole body massage or partial body massage.

Oil massage Ljubljana

DEEP RELAXATION MASSAGE is a combination of foot massage, body massage, carefully chosen music and special tuned bamboo Koshi chimes played above your body to help you carry away in a totally relaxed experience.

Deep relaxation massage Taisa

STRESS RELIEF MASSAGE is a special treatment with unique combination of body massage with emphasis on body parts where there is more tension (such as shoulder, neck, back …).

Stress relief massage hotel Lev Taisa


You can choose amonge these partial massages:
Back massage
Back, head, neck and shoulder massage
Back and legs massage
Face, decolte and neck massage
Shoulder, arms and hands massage
Hands massage

Masaža vratu Taisa

Legs massage hotel Lev Taisa

If you would like your partial body massage to be made in a different combination as listed above, please ask.


If you need support, you are welcome to make an appointment. Booking and price list


Coaching will support you to reach your goals efficiently and to empower your inner potentials. You can understand yourself and others on a deeper level, know how to manage your emotions and stress, establish and maintain quality relationships, improve personal and professional efficiency and achieve personal change.

I am certified NLP Master Coach, certified international trainer of Nonviolent Communication, certified moderator for Systemic Organizational Constellations, Special Educational Teacher. With my wide knowledge and many years of experience I developed a unique integrative approach where I combine different methods and techniques.


Psychoterapy is usually a longer process of powerful and at the same time gentle, empathic support. It helps you heal emotional (relational) wounds, resolve trauma, deal with minor or major life changes, change uncounscious patterns, and encourages you to be mindful and compassionate in communication to yourself and others. It helps you to improve your own self-awareness, to understand the effects of early experiences on your life and to develop an authentic and autonomic responces with more conscious choice.

Counceling is usually a shorter process, focused on a specific topic you bring.

I am an integrative relational psychotherapist in training under supervision (IPSA institute), holder of TA Diploma 101, certified EFT practitioner (AAMET Level 2), Timeline Therapy practitioner, trained hospic volunteer, trained SOS call consultant.

I provide meetings in person and online meetings.

If you are a Slovenian who lives abroad and would like to be in a process of psychotherapy in your mother tongue, please contact me. I have experiences with online psychoterapy that gives comparable results as psychoterapy in person.


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